Carmarthenshire can boast having a number of artists living in residence in the county.

It’s not surprising when you take a walk or a drive around the county and see what stunning scenery is on offer.

The inspiration for artists comes in many forms depending on what the subject matter of choice happens to be. Traditionally we have seen some of the greatest artists of all time focusing on tow things. People and the landscape. Carmarthenshire is rich in both.

Why would a successful artists want to come and live in the county? It is a question we put to one of Wales’ finest landscape artist Vyvyan Davies.

VYVYAN Davies is a Welsh artist who was born in Pontyberem. A bakers son, from a young age he had a strong affection for the coastline of West Wales.

He has showcased his work in cities such as London and Cardiff, but recently has found himself returning to his roots, with a house in Machynys, Llanelli overlooking the beautiful coast.

Whilst running his own graphic design consultancy since 1980, he continued to have a strong passion to paint, but found little time to pursue his interest.

However, a change in direction finally materialised about six years ago and since then, he says it has been exciting to be able to rekindle the enthusiasm he had for painting.

This transformation enabled Vyvyan to be creative in a very different way. By using a very different medium – no computers just simply a canvas, paint, a collection of palette knives and brushes.

Vyvyan says he finds the whole experience so refreshing and at the same time, so inspiring.

In 2015, he returned to his roots in West Wales and the move enabled him to recapture his  surroundings where he feels very privileged to be able to share the ‘passion’ he has through his work.

Having had exhibits in Art Galleries in both London and Cardiff, a selection of his work is currently on display at the Coast Restaurant in Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot, the Grove Hotel in Narbeth and the Beach House Restaurant in Oxwich Bay.

Llanelli Online visited his home where we gained an insight into Vyvyan and his wife Barbara’s work.





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