EXTINCTION Rebellion sounds like something straight from a Star Wars film. There are some similarities. Some intent of destruction while others do what they can to save the planet.

The group was formed in Carmarthen in October 2018 but it is  is a nationwide group demanding the government;

  • Tell the truth about climate change
  • Work towards net zero carbon by 2025
  • Set up a peoples assembly to over see this

Extinction Rebellion was formed by academics, doctors and concerned members of the public after the IPCC’s latest report on Climate change stated that we have around 12 years to act before the made made impacts of climate change are irreversible. The groups are committed to making change through non violent direct action and in November 2018 they blocked the 5 major bridges around parliament square for 6 hours. There is a National day of action on April 15th, a Welsh day of action on March 9th and there is a motion going forward to Carmarthenshire county council to declare a ‘climate emergency’ on February 20th.

Staci Sylvan writes for The Carmarthenshire Times

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Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Star_wars_Characters.jpg


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